• Collecting the debts at the companies, the establishments, the
    individuals and at the governmental agencies
  • Collecting troubled financial debts and bad debts.
  • Collecting financial debts that are in the real estate and commercial
  • Collecting fanatkal debts, that are ¡n the real estate and commercial
  • Collecting the financial debts of checks, promissory Notes, securities
    and bonds and Invoices.
  • Collecting the heirs money and recovering*em from inheritance
  • Collection of debts out of litigation scope.
  • Collecting of funds from procrastinators and defaulters.
  • Collection of debts at the local and international levels.
  • Following up abstainer from paying the financial debts.
  • Following up and establishing the financial debts in accordance with
    the related legal procedures

We hold meetings with our respected clients and receive all the files of financial cases that should be collected.

To get a legal power of attorney or an authorization attested by the commercial and industrial chamber trom our clients in the manner
enabling us to collect the debt on their behalf.

To conclude a written contract specifying the obligations of each party (the office and our Clients)

Collection with be made for the account of clients by direct payment to them, or by a bank certified check direcrly to the name of our clients, or bc bank transfer directly to account of our clients.

Preparation of a strategic plan for all the flies and papers.

Follow up by phone for collecting the debts.

Field follow up for debts collection.

Performance of visits and official contacts for the purpose of collecting debts.
Issuing official detailed reports to our clients about the measures that were taken and the results that were reached, so that our clients can be aware of what was fulfilled and of our efforts and works.