Debt Collection Services

The Legal Specialist Office aims to manage financial claims and bad debts, in addition to continuous collection cases of the clients in the fastest time and with high professionalism.

1 . Collecting the financial debts of companies, factories, and government establishments.

2 . Collection of bad and faltering debts.

3 . Collecting debts in financial and real estate contributions.

4 . Collecting financial debts with regard to cheques, order bonds, trade bills and invoices.

5 . Collecting the financial debts of citizens, late and defaulters,

6 . Collecting of debts for Government Departs.

7 . Collecting financial debts by proving them with the creditors and take legal guarantees that lead to the establishment of rights in the absence of evidence proving the right with our clients.

8 . Financial collection for companies, factories, establishments and government departments continuously by establishing collection departments for them.