How our team work

Steps of the work of the Legal Specialist Office and team work:

  1. Meeting with our clients and receiving all the files of the financial cases to be collected according to what is available with them.


  1. Preparation a legal authorization or a Power of Attorney from our clients authorizing us to collect the debts on their behalf.


  1. Making a Contract specifying the rights of both parties (the Office and  clients).


4. Collection in favor of the account of our clients by direct payment to their own account or by a certified  check in the name of the clients.


  1. Make a strategic plan for all files and papers.


  1. Fast follow-up of debts collection and financial claims.


  1.  visits and reviews of debt collection and financial claims.


  1. Making detailed official reports for our clients about the procedures that were reached quickly, to inform our clients about the work that has been done.


  1. The work team and the Legal Specialist Office receive letters of commitment to creditors or official documents to prove the financial claims to preserve the rights of our clients.