Advantages of the Legal Specialist Office

The team of the Legal Specialist Office consists of consultants with scientific and practical experience and provides assistance to our clients after reviewing their financial claims with the following:

  1. Submitting a report on the observations that have been acquainted with in the policy of proof of debt and the financial claims that our clients from factories, establishments and individuals dealt with their creditors’ clients, as follows:-
  2. Clarify the deficiencies in legal proof of debt on creditors.
  3. Make a report on the performance of the employees in the sales department, credit and risk management and collection management.
  4. How to manage and save these documents for our clients.
  5. Introducing a new mechanism for issuing contracts m invoices, and account statements, in a legal manner that preserve the rights of our clients in future.
  1. Preparing a strategic plan for opening of accounts and collecting information about creditors in a scientific and legal way that leads to achieving the goals of preserving the rights of our clients in the future.
  1. Making a report to our clients regarding proving their rights in writing checks, order bonds, bills of exchange, invoices and contracts s that these guarantees are legal and acceptable to the official and Sharia authorities.